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Product Description

Caught up in the mountains? Prepping for that bug-out? Our Freshwater Survival Box provides the perfect blend of our Freshwater Ultra-Lite and Classic Boxes with the addition of after-the-catch prep tools including a Rapala Serrated Bait Knife, Survival Matches, Line Clipper and more. Perfect for high mountain trout or pond panfish. Keep this Box in your vehicle or backpack. What's in the Box? Acme Phoebe Gold 1/2 oz, Apex Black Jig Heads 1/4 oz, Berkley Power Grubs 2", Coghlan's Emergency Rain Poncho and Mosquito Head Net, Johnson Beetle Spinnerbait 1/16 oz, Matzuo Swivels Size 10, Mepps Aglia Spinner 1/8 oz, Rapala Floating Minnow Silver Size 03, Rapala Serrated Bait Knife 4", South Bend Assorted Floats, Monofilament 6lb and 8lb 100 yard spools, Rapala's non-slip fish handling large gloves that are designed to float with durable latex coating, Clipper Jig Eye Cleaner and Survival Matches with case. $49.95 FREE SHIPPING!*